Fundraising Junction Coffee Ideas

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Gourmet Roasting and Coffee Fundraising Programs

We are passionate purveyors of coffee and everything else that goes with a full and rewarding roasting company. We also offer a selection of festive gourmet mixes, non-refrigerated cookie mixes, cocoas, chai & frappe’ drinks, and gourmet snacks to enhance your taste buds.

Our products are specially crafted to warm your day and put a smile on your lips each and every time. This dedication, drives us to find the best ingredients from across the globe and to provide a pure and quality product that we are proud of.

Whether we are providing products to our whole sellers, Fundraising Junction (our coffee fundraising site), or through Lagniappe (our gift program) you will recognize Java Joe’s coffee at your office, events, fundraising programs and home by the pure taste of perfection.