What Is That In My Coffee?

As many people do every morning, we open our coffee container of freshly ground coffee and scope it into our coffee maker. Most of us buy coffee pre ground by one of the major industry resellers. But what is really in our coffee before we brew it?

In it’s natural state coffee comes from roasting coffee beans to build character from the beans natural properties. During the processing of the coffee beans, by products are produced. One of which is the beans hulls. This is where the story can take a different turn.

There are two types of roasting companies in the US, high end roasters like Starbucks and Java Joes Roasting Company and your low end roasters, in which we will not name any names. High end roasters place pure ground coffee in each bag to ensure the best quality each and every time, which is around $8.00 per bag. Low end coffee, which costs around the same price per container, contains a light brown addition to the ground coffee. This addition is actually the coffee hulls reintroduced to add weight and reduce the amount of actual product in each container. Even thought you might pay slightly less, per container for the lower end products, when re remove the hulls from the coffee, you in reality are paying exactly the same amount for the pure product, whether it is a high end or not.

Being that we are in the coffee fundraising business, this is a very important detail to each and every bag. Not only do you want your fundraising products to be fresh and taste fantastic, you want every pound that people pay for to count. It is important to check the quality of the coffee you plan to sell. Make sure you get samples to try out before you choose a brand to use for fundraising and establish a good relationship with the roaster of your choosing. If you are happy with the product and service, so will your customers.

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