Coffee A National Treasure, America’s Second Largest Import.

It is not far fetched to see why Coffee is America’s second largest import, next to petroleum. 83% of all adult Americans drink an average of 3 cups of coffee per day, which is about 587 million cups of coffee. When you do the math, the almighty coffee bean flows over our boarders like water.

This fascination of America’s favorite beverage started officially in 1668 in New York, where settlers drank coffee, flavored with sugar, honey, and cinnamon.  As America grew so did our coffee needs. Coffee houses, which were designed from the English coffee houses, popped up in every major city. Since then coffee has been the “king of the America breakfast table”.

So how does coffee work it’s way into fundraising? Fundraising can be done in two ways, sales of goods or organized events. Coffee, which has just started to pop up as a fundraising idea, can be applied to both. Coffee can be bought from respectable roasting companies and resold by the bag by any organization. Since coffee is so widely used by every household it is an easy sell. The other advantage, is that you can charge a reasonable amount and potentially make over 50% profit off of your fundraiser. When it comes to organized events, coffee can be sold by the cup or just purchased as something as a beverage option.

Either way when it comes to selling this national treasure, it is important to check the quality of the coffee you plan to sell. Make sure you get samples to try out, and that you have a good relationship with the roaster of your choosing. If you are happy with the product and service, so will your donors.

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