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The Color of Coffee; Uses Around The House

Because of it’s dark color and it’s ability to stain anything that it gets on, coffee has many practical uses. If you have ever spilled coffee on your favor shirt or pants, you know the frustration of trying to removed the color from these garments. Hence it is the perfect permanent pigment for many applications. […]

Coffee in the Garden

Coffee, besides a beverage, has many other uses. In the next few issues of our newsletter we will explore how else you can benefit from coffee. In this issue we look at how the left over coffee grounds can be used for other organic needs. As gardeners we appreciate natural ways to help grow and […]

Where Does The Term “A Cup Of Joe” Come From?

There are many theories on where the term “A Cup of Joe” came from. But as we hold coffee near and dear to our hearts, we decided to explore these a bit more.   It maybe a wise-tail but say hello to Josephus Daniels, former secretary of the US Navy and possibly namesake of the proverbial […]

What Is That In My Coffee?

As many people do every morning, we open our coffee container of freshly ground coffee and scope it into our coffee maker. Most of us buy coffee pre ground by one of the major industry resellers. But what is really in our coffee before we brew it? In it’s natural state coffee comes from roasting […]